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Blue Surface

Meet The Band

Blue Surface


UKE and Vocals

Guitarist with the band The Male Hayley, performed covers, original tracks and mash ups. Have also performed solo and with various duets. Also teaches guitar.


Been with Rumatica from the beginning, performing regular live gigs.

Blue Surface


UKE and Vocals

Having never played an instrument or sung a note in my life, I was introduced to the ukulele in 2015 by a friend at work in Southend aged 59 and I was immediately in love with it.

I retired in 2016 and needed to find somewhere to continue playing locally and I found and joined the Barleylands community.

I’m one of the founder members of Rumatica, I lead the band with Trev and I am very proud of the progress we have made to attain the level we have achieved so far.

But what makes me more proud is that through our performances we raise money for charities whilst working hard on our music and having fun and enjoying the company of our friends.

Blue Surface


Lead UKE and Vocals

Les has been playing guitar for over 50 years. He has been in several bands as lead guitarist and singer. He was in his last band for 37 years. 

For his 65th birthday his wife bought him a ukulele and has loved learning to play it and meeting new friends as he as done so.

He joined Rumatica in 2018 and really enjoys being in the band learning new songs, improvising solos and singing!

Just goes to show that you are never too old to start a new hobby and judging by the response the band get at gigs, our listeners really enjoy our range of golden oldies and chart toppers.

Blue Surface


UKE and Vocals

I love singing! I have sung all my life, first in the choir at junior school and senior school, to joining the Ivor Evan's Singers when I was 16. Since 2006, I have been singing with the Brentwood Choral Society.

Friends from the choir started learning ukulele at Barleylands and asked me to go along. I'm so glad I did. I really enjoyed the challenge of learning to play, and as things progressed and bands were starting, Rumatica was formed and I joined them. They gave me the confidence to sing solo which I hadn't done much before. So now I have the privilege of of being in a band with such a lovely bunch of people I can call my friends. The best part is that we get to enjoy ourselves and raise money for charity at the same time. What could be better!!

Blue Surface


UKE and Vocals

Having been totally non-musical all my life, (except recorder at school!), I joined the Barleylands Ukulele Community, run by Rainbow Music in 2016, at the age of 61. After learning a few more chords, and participating in strum-a-long sessions, I was deemed adept enough to ‘join a band’.

This band comprised of people who weren’t busy on a Tuesday afternoon - as good as any criteria in the creative process! 

The band eventually became Rumatica and, with the addition of more accomplished players, we went ‘out on the road’. From these small beginnings, I now play ‘amped up’ and sing some backing vocals, in our wide-ranging musical selections, at our increasingly frequent gigs.


Great fun !

Blue Surface



Playing the ukulele has brought me so much pleasure.

I came across this  amazing  instrument by chance.  I was invited to a Carol Service that  was being held in an a wonderful old church in Bethnal Green in 2014. Three young ladies were singing in the choir and one of them picked up a ukulele and started to play. I decided instantly that I wanted to learn to play.  In 2015 I started taking lessons and in 2016 the band was formed.


I feel privileged to have come this far and be playing with such a kind and lovely team.

Blue Surface



Having never played a musical instrument, in 2016 I was given a present of a short course of ukulele lessons,  I was dubious about going but was told "you will enjoy it" and I really did. 

On then to weekly playing sessions with Rainbow Music, followed by playing in Rumatica. Thanks to Terry and Jo and members of the band for all the fun I have had.

Blue Surface


Vocals and UKE

Jackie joined Rumatica in 2023.

For many years she was a member of a close harmony trio, writing harmony arrangements and performing songs mostly from the 1940s era.

She has enjoyed the challenge of joining the band, adding to the vocal harmonies in songs of different genres, learning to play the ukulele and spending time in the company of the other band members.

Blue Surface


Drums and Vocals

Over the years I've been in about 10 groups/bands - mostly 60s covers, blues and rhythm 'n' blues.  Along the way I've played on the same bill as Rod Stewart, Joe Brown, Heinz, The Who, Mike Pender's Searchers, The Hamsters, Stan Webb's Chicken Shack and even Susan Maughan!

I started to struggle playing some faster numbers due to arthritis - so, I decided to call it a day.

But some years later, realising how much I missed playing, I replaced my drums with a smaller, lighter kit and started looking to join a new band.  After a few false starts I was asked if I'd like to attend a Rumatica rehearsal - which led to me joining them.  It's very enjoyable and friendly - long may it continue.

Blue Surface
Bass & Amp.jpg


Bass Guitar and Vocals

Alan has been playing bass for over 40 years mainly in church and with Christian bands. He was invited to join Rumatica in 2018 and has provided a boost to the back line of the band.

Alan is also a member of the Buskerteers Choir and previously with Rock Choir performed at local events, at the O2 and NEC. Also with Rock Choir, recorded two songs at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. 

Alan provides the technical backup for the band.

Blue Surface
20221222_105826 with cans.jpg


Sound Man extraordinaire

Martin joined Rumatica in 2022 as tech support - mixing the sound for the band during performances.


You may not see him. If you are in the audience he will probably be behind you - in a corner at the back of the venue. He provides similar audio/visual support in his church.


His experience as a singer and musician helps him create the textures and depth of sound that are the unique Rumatica sound.

Blue Surface
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